Chris with CampSecurity.com

Hello and welcome to campsecurity.com!

My name is Chris, and I’ve been passionate about survival and preparedness my entire life.

From a young age, I was exposed to the great outdoors, hunting, fishing and playing in the northern Florida and southern Georgia swamps.

This early exposure instilled in me a deep respect and fascination for the natural world and survival techniques.

A Military Background

After high school, I joined the military, where I spent over a decade honing my survival skills in various environments. I attended several prestigious military schools, including:

  • Basic Training/Advanced Individual Training
  • Multiple Army Leadership Courses
  • Combat Lifesaver’s Course
  • Light Fighter’s Academy (10th Mountain Division)
  • Jungle Operations Training Course (Panama)
  • Arctic Survival School (Eielson AFB, Alaska)

This training was not just theoretical. It was put to test in diverse environments and conditions, from the hot deserts of Northern Africa and the Middle East to the harsh cold of Alaska’s arctic regions.

I’ve operated in temperatures as low as -55 degrees ambient and as high as 125 degrees in the desert.

A Lifelong Prepper

On leaving the military, my family and I moved to Alaska, where we spent 16 years in the interior, continuing to practice and refine our survival and homesteading skills. We now reside in Colorado, surrounded by the majestic Rockies, and my passion for prepping and survival continues to thrive.

Throughout these years, I’ve become proficient in areas such as castle (home and shelter) building techniques, medical skills, bushcraft, land navigation, tactics, homesteading, and urban survival. I’m excited to share this wealth of knowledge with you.

Why Campsecurity.com?

At campsecurity.com, we aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals who value preparedness, survival, and self-reliance. It’s not just about sharing my expertise and experiences; it’s about starting a conversation, learning from each other, and growing together.

Sharing Knowledge and Reviews

Through our knowledge graph, we will teach you everything we know. But we’ll also provide unbiased reviews of survival gear that becomes available on the market. We aim to provide a platform where you can make informed decisions about the products that will best meet your survival needs.

Let’s Learn Together

Remember, prepping is a continuous journey for all of us. We’re here to learn just as much as we are here to teach. So, let’s embark on this journey together, share our experiences, and build a community that’s ready for anything.

Welcome to campsecurity.com!